“How Athletes Roll” Book

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The book is truly a first-of-its-kind and goes in depth with 40 Celebrity Pro Athletes that we all know and love. Athletes that are both active and retired come together within these pages to discuss their passion for cars, cars they currently own, have owned and more. Out of the 40 Athletes chosen they range from various sports backgrounds such as football, hockey, golf, basketball, Nascar driving to Olympic running and ice skating, to UFC fighting, baseball and more.

Barbara has dedicated “How Athletes Roll” to Jay Novacek, who inspired her to write her book after an opportunity to interview the Cowboy’s tight-end receiver a few years back. This is where many of Jay’s entertaining stories sparked her vision.

“This was an amazingly fun book for me to work on and it truly comes across within the pages. The passion that the athletes have for their cars and the in depth questions that they were willing to answer not only surprised me- but will be like automotive candy for the readers both men and women alike.” stated Automotive Expert Barbara Terry.

“How Athletes Roll” is approximately 246 pages of an exciting read with 6 pages dedicated to each of the 40 Celebrity Pro Athletes. The book contains exclusive- full color, rich photographs of the athletes and unique captures of the cars they own and love in addition to telling their unique car stories and respond.

Ten percent of the proceeds will go to Barbara’s favorite charity, “Rocky’s Helping Hand”. This charity pays for surgery and treatment of pets that their owners can not afford.

Featured Athletes

  • Michael Strahan Football
  • Rod Brind Amour Hockey
  • Todd Eldredge Ice skater
  • Ric Flair Wrestler
  • Bobby Allison Nascar
  • Arnold Palmer Golf
  • Rusty Wallace Nascar
  • Sugar Ray Leonard Boxer
  • David Ragan Nascar
  • Shawn Marion Basketball
  • Chad Knaus Nascar
  • Ed “Too Tall” Jones Football
  • Dan O’Brien Olympian
  • Steve Wallace Nascar
  • Simeon Rice Football
  • Bruce Jenner Olympian Runner
  • Lee Roy Jordan Football
  • Bob Lilly Football
  • Eric Staal Hockey
  • Dexter Coakley Football
  • Bill Goldberg Wrestler
  • Marvin Harrison Football
  • Amanda Beard Olympian Swimmer
  • Mike Piazza Baseball
  • Joey Porter Football
  • Dan Jansen Olympian Skater
  • Breaux Greer Olympian Javelin
  • Ricky Johnson Motocross
  • Everson Walls Football
  • Natalie Gulbis Golf
  • Tony Schumacher Top Fuel Driver
  • Joey Logano Nascar
  • Josh Barnett UFC Fighter
  • JT Holmes Extreme skier / Stuntman
  • Paul Rabil Lacrosse
  • Ryan Suchanek Motocross Stuntman
  • Jay Cutler Mr. Olympia
  • Roy Oswalt Baseball
  • C.J. Wilson Baseball
  • Tony Dorsett Football


Barbara is dedicating “How Athletes Roll” to Jay Novacek.

​ I’d like to dedicate this book to Jay Novacek, retired tight-end for The Dallas Cowboy’s. I was inspired to write this book after I interviewed Jay a few years ago for a television pilot about his history with cars. During that interview, hearing all of the funny stories about his history with vehicles including the entertaining stories about taking his dog “Roy” for rides, that he listens to Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider while driving and so forth, the idea crossed my mind that interviewing many athletes from many sports about their histories with vehicles would make for an interesting book.

​ Since then, one thing has led to another, and I began an interesting journey that has led me around the country interviewing all of the celebrity pro athletes in this book.

​ Thank you Jay, for giving me the inspiration to begin and complete this exhausting but fulfilling project. Here’s to you Cowboy!

Sneak peak from the book!


​ What was your first car? My first car was a 1986 Trans Am that I got for Christmas in 1986 from my dad being an ex racecar driver. It was a beautiful gift that I was probably over spoiled in that situation but it got me where I needed to be right now and it was very very awesome and it was great of my dad to do that …I loved it and I wish that I had it back.

​ What do you drive now? I drive a 2007 Corvette Convertible that is just a blast with a super- charger on it with approximately 600 Horsepower, the right sound for me, and it is black on black. And I have a BMW 545i series that I just love to death because I have 3 kids now and there are more air bags in that car than anything in the world. All the horsepower in the world is great, but safety first.

​ What is your favorite color combination for cars? Black on black. I am black on black.