In fact, sometimes the success or failure of an organization hinges on a few select words from your spokesperson. You see people surrounded by a sea of microphones, calm, authoritative and thorough. 

What will you do when the camera points to you?  

Every organization must have one of more individuals who can respond credibly to the public. Sometimes, a crisis can erupt at 5:00 that you’ll be called upon for comment on the 6:00 NEWS. How do you prepare? 

And what if you have no time to prepare when a swarm of reporters suddenly surrounds you? 

After media/speaker/interview training with renown speaker and television personality, Barbara Terry, you’ll not only know exactly what to do, but your audience will think you’ve been doing it all your life. 

Through her clear presentation, you’ll learn:

* How to take control of any public or media challenge.
* How to ‘rise above’ and be unaffected by questions designed to insult and provoke you.
* How to make your audience feel reassured.

* How to give the best interview possible.
* How to manage appropriate facial expression, body language and voice tone and volume.

* What to wear and what not to wear.

* How to sit and-or stand and engage with the audience.

More About BT

Mastering the public spotlight is not hard, but finding a qualified trainer can be almost impossible. Barbara Terry is one of those hard-to-find trainers, and her extensive history in media establishes her as well credentialed. She developed her media training while being one of the most sought-after automotive experts and a nationally-known author, columnist and TV/radio host. She has appeared on the cover of Kiplinger’s Magazine, has been featured in over 100 publications and has made more than 2,200 television and radio appearances since 2006, including but not limited to Fox Sports, CBS Early Show, Inside Edition, NBC, ABC, FOX, The Tony Danza Show, The Weather Channel, CNN, Maxim Radio, Oprah Radio, ESPN.

During her storied career, Barbara has often had to respond to extreme media challenges on-the-spot. She did it, and she now shares those valuable guidelines with municipal organizations and business so they can put their best foot forward. Tomorrow, you may have to step up and represent your organization.
Will you be ready? If you call Barbara, you will be.

    Barbara made certain that our Spokesperson was trained to be his best self for interviews.

    Dr. Bob McDuffy

    I hired Barbara for my political campaign and got re-elected. She thinks outside the box and I will hire her again.

    Mike J.

    After hiring Barbara, I very quickly felt that we could put our best face forward during media interviews.

    Daryl Brown

    Barbara utilized her decades of experience to show us how to master speaking to a crowd.

    Tina Sanders

    I am so grateful for the media training I’ve had with Barbara Terry these past couple of months in preparation for interview opportunities.The training she’s provided has been incredibly helpful, has provided me with great experience, and it’s been a lot of fun too!She knows her industry!Thank you, Barbara!!

    Elizabeth Stevens

    Ironically as a writer of five books, I’m at a loss of words to describe how extremely happy and grateful I am with Barbara Terry.Her professionalism, thoroughness, thoughtfulness, proactiveness, and synergic approach to training me for media interviews has created a confidence needed to convey just how deeply I believe in my books’ potential in an engaging and expressive way. The value she’s created has made me a most enthusiastic promoter for anyone who is looking to make the best presentation possible for clearly promoting any message they believe in so deeply.

    Martin Dunne