Services Offered

We build your images because we build the foundations.
Why are we the best choice to help you put your best foot forward?

We do much more than help you to put your best foot forward, we help make your best foot. That's because we know that to create your best image, we need to understand everything about the things you are representing. 

To best understand why we're the ones to bring out your most successful public image.

We Assess so You Impress.
We offer clients a marketing and imaging 'blueprint' based upon specific assessment of.

The Client's attributes -  how they present themselves - plus any  issues to be enhanced or modified.

Some clients simply require image 'coaching', and Barbara is one of the leaders in this narrow field.

Some spokespeople sit at the helm of a large ship in need of varying degrees of  image and market restructuring. For that, we have a cutting edge staff who create scores of original marketing Strategies, Techniques, and Supercharged 'Activators'  that you will only find here. 

We Supercharge Your Image.
We have world renown, award-winning graphic artists and full-scope designer. For any of your collateral, whatever people see, we will make it look even better, so it generates the responses you want.

We're a team that many great brands, and even whole countries have successful relied upon for decades. And we bring all that experience to you. 


*Intensive Assessment of Client Needs based upon our own study of Client's Highest Aims

*Media Audit and Assessment as well as General Imaging

*Research for Most Effective Media Process and Technical Applications

*Media Training of Staff

*Handling of Press Inquiries

*Public Relations

*Physical and Digital Marketing

*Creative Strategies

*Media Placement (Television/Print/Radio/Online), and Public Service Ads

*Spokesperson and Staff Training

*Effective Theme Awareness and Seamless Integration to into Existing Campaign, if warranted and/or requested

*Crisis Communications and Analysis

*Speech Writing

*News Conferences

*Press Release Creation and Pitching

*Ongoing Monitoring of Response and New Media Venues

*Social Media Maintenance and Channel Buildout

*Community Relations and Public Speaking Research and development

*Graphic Design

*Copywriting and Editing


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