Barbara’s Fan Mail

Ms. Terry,
Just saw you on WRC in Washington: you can change my oil anytime! Juz kidding: great segment.


Hi Barbara,
Saw you on the Tucson Morning Blend. Great segment!! How does one obtain an autographed picture of you?

Bill W.

How are you? I was wondering where did you purchase the shirt on the How Athletes Roll book? Where do you buy your race clothing at? They are very pretty. The Gillette pantsuit on your site is very pretty too. I did a web search but came up with nothing.
I look forward to your reply.
Thanks and Happy New Year!!


Please express my great wishes to Barbara after her interview on the “JP Godsey Show”. She was funny, articulate, and had some great tips…some of which I learned a thing or two.
Again, please let her know she was an excellent guest and would love to keep in contact with her.
Have a great day.

Dear Ms. Terry,
I thoroughly enjoy your videos and have recommended my daughters watch them also. I only have one safety comment, please wear safety glasses when cleaning the batteries. It’s to easy to get acid in an eye. Again, your great and I hope to see you continue.

Best wishes,

KC Kampton

Dear Barbara,
I am grateful for your expertise. I missed getting to the Houston Car Show in time to meet you. Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to do so in the future.


To Ms. Barbara Terry,
I received the photos that I sent you for autographing in the mail a few days ago today; they will be placed in the album that I keep the other men and women of the racing world, for safe keeping. I am most grateful for you taking the time to autograph my photos, thank you.
I sincerely hope that your careers will continue to give you much happiness. Do be careful.

Peter D. Minix Former SGT. United States Marine Corps Former California Army National Guard Member

It was a pleasure meeting you last week at KTLA lot. Thanks again for the ride around the parking lot. I wish you the best of luck! Be Safe!

Jim Garner

Hi Barbara
Love your articles on Old Cars and Stuff. Tell Tim that you need a raise. My question is: Are you related to Bob, Wreatha and Brent Terry? They now live in Tennesee.

I am a member of 9 car clubs so they are too many to list. Happy Holidays!

Jim Garner

Tell BT I said Hi…I used to walk her dog Rocky.
BT is an amazing woman!! The most motivated chick I have ever seen in action!


Hi Barbara
I just wanted to say hi and was a pleasure meeting you in person. Ian gave me one of your signed posters and I hung it up at the shop. I heard you had some bad luck in the race, but that’s racing, right. I also saw the videos on, they were very cool. Thanks for giving us the plug in your production, my bosses loved it. If your in LA any time call or E-mail me, I’m always going to races, car shows, parties anything that revolves around racing. Once again it was great to meet you and I’m sure I will see you in the future.
Adios Amiga,