Barbara Terry, America’s Favorite Auto Expert, CEO, Spokesperson, Author, Off-road racer, Columnist, Television Host, Marketing and Public Relations expert.

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Barbara Terry is a leading and foremost Media, Speaker, Interview, Brand and Spokesperson training specialist.

Barbara Terry is the CEO and Founder of both Waldorf Publishing and Shaggy Pup. Barbara has published more than 500 books to-date including the true story of Merle Haggard, the Biography of George Romney, celebrity cookbooks, lifestyle books, NASCAR driver books, NFL player books and the award winning Children’s series, The Spectacular World of Waldorf!

Barbara has booked her Authors/clients on hundreds of media appearances including CNN, FOX News, BBC, CBS affiliates, NBC affiliates, FOX affiliates, ABC affiliates, Dr. Drew Pinsky, FOX & Friends, MSNBC, FOX Business, CBS New York, WGN, SIRIUS Radio, FOX Good Day New York, WPIX, The Guardian Newspaper, iHeartRadio, national magazines, newspapers radio and more!

Barbara developed her media training while being one of the most sought-after automotive experts and a nationally-known author, columnist and TV/radio host. She has appeared on the cover of Kiplinger’s Magazine, has been featured in over 100 publications and has made more than 2,200 television and radio appearances since 2006, including but not limited to Fox Sports, The CBS Early Show, Inside Edition, NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, The Tony Danza Show, The Weather Channel, CNN, Maxim Radio, Oprah Radio, ESPN Radio, iVillage,

Barbara has served as the Spokesperson/Representative/Host for numerous companies such as Ford Motor Company, eBay Motors, General Motors, Goodyear, Pennzoil, Sylvania, Quaker State, Fix A Flat, FRAM, Prestone, Gillette, Volkswagen, Shell Oil, Liquid Wrench, Gunk, RainX, Duracell, GPS Protected, American Airlines, General Tire & Turtle Wax.

Barbara served as Television & Internet host for Turtle Wax,, US Auto Parts, and Gillette. Barbara has also hosted live events for American Airlines, Volkswagen, Goodyear and was Emcee for GM Style Dubai Event in Dubai for General Motors.

As an accomplished author, Barbara has written a weekly auto advice column for the Houston Chronicle, has written for,, Men’s Fitness Magazine, the New York Daily News and wrote a chapter in “The Experts Guide.”

Barbara is the author of “How Athletes Roll” and has interviewed hundreds of A-list celebrities and professional athletes, such as Sugar Ray Leonard, Rusty Wallace, Arnold Palmer, Michael Strahan, Bruce Jenner, Mike Piazza and Tony Dorsett to list a few.

Barbara’s training focuses on:

Taking Control

Mastering the Spotlight and taking control of any public or media challenge


Equipping you with the skills to effectively deliver your message


Mastering the art of engaging with your audience


Presenting the best version of you during interviews and-or speaking engagements


Managing appropriate facial expressions, body language, voice tone and volume