How to Make the Best Car Sale Print
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Wednesday, 30 November 2011 04:55

Dear Barbara,

I read your Q and A in the ‘Houston Chronicle’ from time to time and was wondering if you would have any advice for me so I can get the most out of the car that I am trying to sell.

Thank you for your time,


Dear Dale,

Whether you are going to sell your car on your own or trade it in at your local dealership, there are some things you will want to do in order for you to get the most money out of it.

Starting with the exterior, you will want to:

• Make sure that your car tires are in good shape and balanced, and make sure to check all 4 of them.
• Fill in any and all small scratches on the car and touch up any bumper scrapes that you may have with touch-up paint.
• Give your car a good detail in and out and make sure to use a glossy wax.
• Shine your hubcaps or wheels.
• Use a good high-gloss tire dressing on your tires.
• Clean your windows in and out.
• Check all of your car fluids to make sure that they are at a proper level.

The interior will need this:

• Vacuum it out well.
• Shampoo the carpets if necessary.
• Clean all of the surfaces with an all purpose cleaner.
• Apply a good, non-greasy dressing to the dash and other vinyl surfaces.
• Apply a non-greasy leather conditioner if you have a leather interior including seats.

You may want to invest in a tune-up and an oil change and address any mechanical repairs if your car is in need. I have always had a saying when it pertains to selling a car… spending $50.00 will get you $500.00 more.

Good luck!