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Dear Barbara,
Actually I am living in Dubai – UAE, basically we find some sands here because al most the deserts are every around here.  Dear my problem is that recently I bought a new 4x4 black color car, but from my very first wash I found so many scratches on my car body & those are getting increased on every new wash as well, which bother me a lot. 
Therefore I request you to advise me any good solution for my above mentioned problem.
With Thanks & Best Regards
Dear Kash,
You need to make sure that your car is rinsed off very well with high pressure water before washing. Use a soap that has a lot of suds and also wash from top to bottom one panel at a time. Do not let your wash mitt go dry so keep dipping it in the wash bucket to rinse any dirty materials off of it before reapplying to the car. 
A black car as you already know is the most difficult to keep shiny so put a good coat of wax on the car about every 6 or so months for best results as this will help keep these particles from damaging your car.
Thanks for writing in and I love your magical land! I hope to be back next year for the Formula 1 race.
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Dear Barbara
Whenever I try to wax a car, on the first attempt to remove the wax it just smears around like rubbing Vaseline on the vehicle. The 2nd attempt gets more of the wax off, and finally it looks pretty good with the third pass.  This is a lot of work especially that first pass where I really don't get much of the wax off.  Am I doing something wrong?  I've tried different kind of waxes including synthetic and those with Carabobo (sp ?) oil.   I've even tried the expensive waxes sold by the dealers. Tried it on different cars, in different weather and leaving the wax on for different lengths of time all with the same result that it is impossible to get the wax off easily in the first pass.
If I'm not doing anything wrong, can you recommend a wax that easily comes off with the first attempt?   Also, I've seen some car wash soaps that claim to have the wax in them.  Do you have an opinion if these are good to use instead of waxing?
David Dlouhy
Dear David,
My opinion would be to use Meguiars NXT tech wax. It is in a purple bottle with a green top; it goes on easy and comes off easy. 
Remember that using too much wax can make it very difficult to get off so I would suggest grabbing your polishing pad and applying about a quarter size worth of wax which is generally enough for a whole panel on a car...such as a door, fender, hood etc etc.
I have never had a problem getting the wax off, although I do recommend that you keep the car in a cool place so that the metal doesn’t get hot and especially out of direct sunlight.
When washing a car I like to use Turtle Wax zip wax. This doesn’t remove the wax that you just applied and doesn’t add wax to it as it is just a good soap that suds enough for removing deposits.
Thanks for writing in,
Ps…by the way…I think what you are trying to say is carnauba.