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Dear Barbara,

I have a 1996 Pontiac Trans Sport and recently the “Low Coolant” light keeps coming on, goes off, and then comes back on while the temperature gauge reads a rock-steady 180–190. The sensor has been replaced three times; the last two were GM parts. The cooling system has been pressure tested (no leaks), the system flushed, coolant replaced, and even the radiator replaced last fall. I have told my mechanic (“Wild Man” Frankie Taylor of Dickinson, TX) that I suspect a bare wire touching somewhere. The service manager, where the van was purchased, also mentioned that as a possibility when I discussed it with him.

Do you have any other suggestions as to the cause of this ongoing problem? I really would like for the warning light to function properly as opposed to disconnecting the sensor.

F.A. (Tony) Gonzales

Dear F.A.,

Other than someone locating the shorted wire that seems to be your culprit, you are at the end of the road. Call or ask around to be pointed in the direction of a mechanic that specializes in electrical that is in your neck of the woods.

Seems like you and everyone else has already covered all of the basics. Electrical issues can be so tiresome and irritating but I have a belief that you will get it located by being diligent.

Thanks for writing in,

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Dear Barbara,

What is causing the battery light on my 2003 Ford Mustang's dash to come on and off several times while driving? I have replaced the plug wire assembly at the rear of the alternator as I heard that Ford Motor Company has a recall on several models of vehicles with this problem. The battery isn't losing voltage as this happens nor are the headlights going dim. I get a reading of 14.3 volt.

I put in a new tensioner and belt and tightened the connector to the fuse box and still none of this helped. Do you think I should crawl under the dash and look for the problem?


Dear Damon,

Since the plug is already new on the back I would think the alternator could be the problem. Keep in mind even though it is still charging the output inside the alternator that tells the light to stay out could be the problem. I would get your alternator checked.

Thanks for writing in,

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Dear Barbara,

I have a 1999 Lexus 300, with 110,000 miles on it. My problem is, while driving on the freeway the dash light says, check engine- trac off. The light won't go off so I am wondering what is wrong with my car. What has to be done to repair it and a guess on the potential cost?

Thank you for your help.


Dear JM,

If the lights are only on together then there may be a problem with the transmission so you may want to have a local transmission shop check the computer for codes.
You have an amazing vehicle that will last much longer so head to your shop and get it nipped in the bud.

Thanks for writing in,

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Dear Barbara,

I own a 2005 Saturn Vue. I have only good things to say about it. Currently, I do have one small problem though. When I first start it up in the morning, the indicator symbol for check engine light on the dashboard set of gauges (lower right side) comes on. It stays on for about 15-20 seconds as I let the engine warm up and I back out of my garage after it goes off. Is this something as simple of a repair as replacing the fuel tank cap? Could it be the air filter which was replaced about 6,000 miles ago? Or is there something else that might need to be checked? We live in Houston, Texas - a city with a more often than not high humidity level.

I like my car a lot and do wish that they would have kept the Saturn line.

Thanks for all your help,

Dear Brenda,

A diagnostic scanner would be needed to see why the light is coming on. At this time you would be able to know what and how much. It could be something very simple and I am not sure why it would go off so soon. Usually the light would stay on for a couple of days unless it is turned off manually.

Thanks for writing in and you are very welcome,

1997 Jeep Restless Check Engine Light PDF Print E-mail

Dear Barbara,

Here I am again with another 1997 Jeep problem. About a year ago, the "check engine" light came on while I was on a trip from Houston to Rocksprings Texas. I took it to a shop in that very small town and the computer code was "random misfire". I drove it home and changed spark plugs and got the light cleared by a mechanic and soon after it came on again.

I changed all of the ignition wiring and it came on again. A friend advised using a bottle of Techron to clean the piston heads and valves however the light went off before I put it in but I used it anyway on a trip back to Rocksprings. Before I got there, the light came back on. This is a 4.0 six cylinder, automatic. What do I do next? No one I know has an answer for this and it is aggravating to have a problem with nothing more specific than "check engine". The light will occasionally go off but it always comes back without any apparent reason. As you know, it won't pass inspection with the light on, or so I have been told.

Thanks again,


Dear Hilton,

Some of the 4.0 engines in 1996 and newer had a problem with the valves not turning when the engine is running, in other words they were opening and shutting in the same place. When this happens the valve cover is removed and each valve is turned by hand when the spring is pressed with a special tool as this will start the spinning of the valve again. Suggest this to your local mechanic to see what they have to say.

Thanks for writing in and feel free to do so anytime in the future. I love my Jeeps and a few aggravations more than make up for all of the amazing times that they provide!


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