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Dear Barbara,
Found your site on the Web while looking for information about a problem with my 1999 Maxda 626.
The transmission is stuck in Park. It will shift to other positions, but those gears don't engage. There was no warning of this. I headed out to run an errand and the problem was there with no indication the previous times I drove the car.
I'm hoping for a quick fix, but after looking around the Web I've found numerous horror stories about 626 transmissions. I appreciate any thoughts you have.
Mike B.

Dear Mike B,
It sounds like your shifter cable may be broken. The cable most likely broke at the transmission, so look below the throttle body under the air inlet pipe where the cable hooks to the transmission.
There is a clip made into the end of the cable and it is most likely broke. This part is not repairable so you will have to change the entire cable and do not be surprised when someone tells you how high the labor is to change this cable.
You are probably looking in the ballpark or $300-$400 for parts and labor if it’s the cable but it sure beats paying for a new transmission.
Thanks for writing in,