1990 Mazda 626 DX Stuck on Hold PDF Print E-mail

Dear Barbara,

I have a 1990 Mazda 626 DX that will not go forward or in reverse because the hold button on the shift lever was accidentally depressed. The light on the dash blinks "hold". What do I do?

Please Help!

Dear Mazda owner,

This could simply be a fuse but no matter what you need to have your Mazda towed to your local Mazda dealership and have them diagnose it in order to determine exactly what is wrong with the electronic transmission that you have. This problem is pretty rare and can obviously cripple your car as you are experiencing. I am sorry that this is not a simple home repair that I could tell you how to fix yourself.

I hope this helps get you into gear and down the road!

2001 Toyota Camry Ignition Switch PDF Print E-mail

Dear Barbara,

I have a 2001 Toyota Camry. I have three different keys and none of the keys will start the car. When I put the key in, it will only go over to acc and will not go over to start. This just started happening all at once. I cannot get the key to go all the way to start.

Thanks W.

Dear W.

I would check the shifter to make sure it is going all the way to park, try to hold the shifter up towards park while trying this, or put it in Neutral.

Thanks for writing in and I hope that this helps.

Ford Explorer Sport Trac windshield wipers multifunction switch PDF Print E-mail
Dear Barbara :
I've got a problem with the windshield wipers on my 2001 Explorer Sportrack coming on for no reason, while the switch is off.  This manifests itself usually as a single sweep of the wipers usually several times in a row and then quits for a while.  Sometimes the wipers will come on for a couple of sweeps when the ignition is turned on.  There seems to be no consistency in the timing of the operation, it seems completely random.
I have had it to a local Ford dealer to fix the control switch on the turn signal stalk on two occasions which only fixed the stalk I had broken trying to get the #@%$&&^* wipers to stop.  This only fixed what I had broken and had no effect on the improper wiper operation.
Have also changed out the wiper motor relay, and I am currently dealing with the problem by having remotely mounted the fuse so I can take it out when it starts acting up.
The Ford dealership has not been able to correct the problem and seemed to be at a loss for a solution.  I'm tired of spending money on this and not getting a fix.
Suggestions, Please !!!
Paul Parker
Houston, TX
Dear Paul,
Behind the turn signal stalk there is what they call a multifunction switch as it sounds like this is where your problem is. This switch controls your hazard lights, turn signals, wipers, high beams as this unit has power at all times and could be shorting out causing the wipers to malfunction.
Check you local auto parts store for this.
Thanks for writing in and please keep me updated on this most frustrating issue.
Ford XLT Club Wagon headlight switch PDF Print E-mail
Dear Barbara,

My 1984 Ford XLT Club Wagon has a problem with the head lamps going off and on while driving.  I have changed the foot dimmer switch and installed a #10 ground wire direct from the battery to the body with a 30 amp in line fuse.  I have found the fuse blown at times.  The 2 problems do not seem to be related. Any help will be appreciated.         
Travis C. Schulz
Dear Travis,
Your problem should be in the switch on the dash as this is the only thing you have left “part wise” on the headlights.
You may want to have someone check the ground you are talking about with the 30amp fuse. Is this the only ground you have from the negative on the battery?
There is no need for a fuse on the negative side and you should also have an engine to chassis ground and engine to battery ground.
Thanks for writing in,