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Dear Barbara,

I enjoy your column and always find something beneficial and interesting, especially since my only and most talented activity in a car is turning on the ignition!

Here is my question. I just purchased a new Ford Expedition, Limited 4x4. I love the truck and hope to put many interesting miles on it as my wife and I really enjoy driving around the country. I thought, however, that the Limited edition would have a feature indicating the “outside air temperature”. The manual shows that some models of the Expedition have that feature, but as I am getting familiar with the truck, I can’t find it. There are three scenarios in the manual and it seems I got the one without that feature.

Is there some after-market device that I can get that would provide me that feature? I had it in the previous car and got used to it.

Thanks for your help and keep up the good work.

Mike and Lorena

Dear Expedition owner,

Oh how I have been spoiled by driving and loving my Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited! They all come equipped with this feature and it is so nice having it, especially when the weather is touch and go around freezing temperatures to be able to keep an eye on the temperature outside to know whether it has dropped to freezing, especially if you are driving in wet weather, and to know if it is freezing on the roads, black ice can be very tricky and dangerous.

One of my brothers just recently bought this temperature gauge and loves how easy it was to install and how it did not break his bank account!

You are so correct regarding the fact of having something in the past and getting used to it and how we miss it in the future if we do not have it. I have just spent a couple months in a small one-bedroom cabin on a lake in South Carolina, and this cabin did not have a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher or washer/dryer; however it did have running water and a killer shower, so I should not be complaining, right?

Thanks for writing in,