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Dear Barbara,

I enjoy your column and always find something beneficial and interesting, especially since my only and most talented activity in a car is turning on the ignition!

Here is my question. I just purchased a new Ford Expedition, Limited 4x4. I love the truck and hope to put many interesting miles on it as my wife and I really enjoy driving around the country. I thought, however, that the Limited edition would have a feature indicating the “outside air temperature”. The manual shows that some models of the Expedition have that feature, but as I am getting familiar with the truck, I can’t find it. There are three scenarios in the manual and it seems I got the one without that feature.

Is there some after-market device that I can get that would provide me that feature? I had it in the previous car and got used to it.

Thanks for your help and keep up the good work.

Mike and Lorena

Dear Expedition owner,

Oh how I have been spoiled by driving and loving my Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited! They all come equipped with this feature and it is so nice having it, especially when the weather is touch and go around freezing temperatures to be able to keep an eye on the temperature outside to know whether it has dropped to freezing, especially if you are driving in wet weather, and to know if it is freezing on the roads, black ice can be very tricky and dangerous.

One of my brothers just recently bought this temperature gauge and loves how easy it was to install and how it did not break his bank account!

You are so correct regarding the fact of having something in the past and getting used to it and how we miss it in the future if we do not have it. I have just spent a couple months in a small one-bedroom cabin on a lake in South Carolina, and this cabin did not have a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher or washer/dryer; however it did have running water and a killer shower, so I should not be complaining, right?

Thanks for writing in,

1998 Ford Crown Victoria - Tap those Cold Feet PDF Print E-mail

Dear Barbara,

I own a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria with a 4.6 liter v -8 (Police PKG). The problem that I am experiencing is keeping my car on right after I try to start it. I've replaced the spark plugs and fuel filter, yet it continues to happen at least once to twice a week. This is my daily driver. Thanks for your help.


Dear Kevin,

I see that you are a fan of the retired Police vehicles, way to go!

I think you are dealing with an idle speed motor problem. Get someone to help you locate the idle speed motor and while you are experiencing the problem tap on this part and if your car stays running then this must be your problem. You may want to take it to your local mechanic to have them scan your Crown Vic in order to see if there is a code going off for this particular problem. This reminds me of the good ole days back on the farm in small town Texas when I would have to tap on a crazy starter that I had in an ole Chevy truck in order to get it rolling down the road.!

Thanks for writing in and I hope this helps out!

2002 Manual Camry Sensor Replacement PDF Print E-mail

Dear Barbara,

I have a 2002, 4 cylinder Camry stick shift. Runs like a champ. Recently, the check engine light came on and has been diagnosed as the fuel mixture sensor.

I have about 130,000 miles showing and miles per gallon have remained at about 31 / 33.

Should I have this sensor replaced by Toyota? Is this a job that a home mechanic can handle ?

Many thanks,
Frank Anderson

Dear Frank,

Your mobile and or local mechanic can of course do this repair. The whole job start to finish including parts and labor should cost you in the range of $200.00.

Or you could pick up the part at your local auto parts house if you are a do-it-your-selfer and tackle it on your own.

Thanks for writing in,


2001 Suburban ABS Light PDF Print E-mail

 Dear Barbara,

My ABS light came on the other day on my 2001 Suburban. Continued to drive to my destination, as everything with the brakes seemed normal. After turning off the engine and exiting the car, I noticed that the ABS pump was continuing to run. The only way that I was able to stop it was to remove the fuse located under the hood. What could be causing this problem? Any help would be appreciated.

Donald Brock

Dear Donald,
Not real sure on the continued running but I know these Suburban’s had problems with the front wheel ABS sensors getting dirty and needing cleaning.  This may be an issue with yours and heads ups, it is a recall and should not cost you anything to get them cleaned by your local dealer.  If the problem is unrelated to this then they should be able to pull a trouble code from the computer which points in the right direction.
Thanks for writing in,
2009 Civic Oil Change Sensor PDF Print E-mail

Dear Barbara,

I was just wondering how much faith I can put in the oil change sensor on my 2009 Civic? At 3000 miles it shows I have 70% oil life left. Can this actually sense how much life is left in the oil or is a gimmick?
Rob Mentz
Dear Rob,
Honda says that it is okay to go by that sensor or change the oil at the least by the owners manual mileage wise.
My personal opinion would be every 3-5000 miles if using conventional oil or every 5-8000 if using synthetic oil if you plan on keeping the car for a long while.
Remember to keep it healthy!
Thanks for writing in,
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