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Dear Barbara,

I have replaced the fuel filter and now I have a fuel leak on the outlet side of the filter. I can feel the gas coming out from between the filter and the banjo fitting. I used the new copper washers on each side of the fittings and the bolt is tight; the threads look fine. I tried removing and re-tightening the bolt on that side, but it still leaks. So it seems obvious that it's a connection problem... bad filter or what? There's enough pressure to start the engine but after 2 seconds of it running, there's a puddle of gas.

Do you have any suggestions that don't involve towing it to the dealership?

Toyota truck owner

Dear Toyota truck owner,

If you have the original copper washers, you need to put these back on in order to stop your car's fuel leak. If you do not have your original ones, go to the parts store and buy new copper washers because the ones that came with your replacement fuel filter are useless.

Then you can go to your local Starbucks and put your feet up while enjoying your favorite hot beverage!

Thanks for writing in,