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Dear Barbara,

I just had to replace the battery in my Ford Taurus and now for some reason, the keyless remote entry device does not work. I also changed the battery in the remote device but still no improvement. To your knowledge, is there something in the Taurus that requires resetting to reactivate the remote keyless entry? I hesitate to take the car to a Ford garage because they previously charged me $95.00 just for a second "normal" replacement key. Any help would be appreciated.


Dear Tom,

Unfortunately Ford does have you by the ying yang. You will have to pay for an hour of labor every time your battery is disconnected because it deprograms the remote. I wish I could be of more help with some ole trick of the trade, but in this case, you will have to go to your local Ford dealer.

Thanks for reading and writing in!

2008 Toyota Camry Accident Damage PDF Print E-mail

Dear Barbara,

I have a 2008 Toyota Camry that was in a car accident w/front end damage. After the body shop repairs the damage to the car, should I be worried about the engine if the noise has changed from a vehicle that used to sound brand new and now it sounds like a high-mileage vehicle?

Dear Toyota owner,

It depends on how severe the accident was and on whether or not the engine and other components were damaged. Being as it was in the front end, did it mess with the radiator and other components under the hood?

If so, then you may need to take it to the dealer and have them mechanically check it out as some body shops are not equipped with the right knowledge when it comes to putting the engine and everything back together as it should be.

A 2008 with 500 miles on it should not sound like a freight train so you do need to address this problem in a mechanical direction and not ignore it. Right now, it sounds like a freight train and if you do not address the mechanical issue, it will start to drive like a freight train.

You do not want to damage it any further than it sounds like it already is, and your insurance will without any doubt pay to get the whole car fixed, not just the bodywork.

Thanks for writing in,

Turning Radius for 1996 Toyota Camry PDF Print E-mail

Dear Barbara,

I have a 1996 Toyota Camry that has a small turning radius, about 1 ½ turns from center but only to the right. The left turning radius seems fine. Any clue why?



Dear Steve,

It sounds like your steering rack is out of whack. Something has either gone wrong in the steering rack or if someone has messed with repairing it, they have put it on out of whack. I would look in this direction in order to keep steering straight down the road of life!

Thanks for writing in,

Repairing Lights of 2002 Mitsubishi Diamante PDF Print E-mail

Dear Barbara,

I just found your column and it looks great!

I have a question. I own a 2002 Mitsubishi Diamante and the light on my dash showing I am in drive has gone out. Is that something I can buy to correct, like a small bulb etc? Can I do myself if so?

Thank you so much,


Dear Cynthia,

Yes, it is a small bulb and a fairly quick and easy repair; however you will have to pull the dash out.

If you have the owner’s manual, or let’s say a Chilton repair manual referencing your make and model of your Mitsubishi to show you how to pull the dash out, you can definitely do this repair on your own. After pulling the dash out, use a flash light to locate the burned out bulb, unscrew it, pull it out, and then replace it.

Thanks for reading and writing in!

Loose Chevy Silverado Seats PDF Print E-mail

Dear Barbara,

I recently found a response you authored on April 7th, 2009, regarding Chevrolet Silverado loose seat repairs. I recently purchased a used Silverado for my son and the seats are exactly as described in your article. I plan to make the repair you outlined from your service manual, but I would feel much better about the attempt if I had the diagrams that I assume must be in the manual. Also, you indicate that there is a repair kit for this repair and I wanted to ask if that kit is available at GM/Chevrolet Dealers only, or if it can be purchased through other outlets?

Would you be able to send me the diagrams from the manual you quoted?

Thank you,


Dear Jay,

Part number 89045784 for attaching bolts to the seat. This holds the seat to the floor and can become loose so new nuts with adhesive included will hold the seat from coming loose.
Also if you remove the plastic from the sides of the seats where the seat rails are, there are 8mm bolts holding the seat tracks to the seat frame, these also can work loose causing this unwanted movement. I would check here first before ordering new bolts from GM as you may be able to tighten these bolts and correct your problem.

Thanks for writing in and good luck with that loose and annoying seat,

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