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Dear Barbara,

My bright lights are not working on my car. Is this something serious or an easy fix?

Thanks for taking time out to help me with this, and every bit of advice you offer to all of us novice car enthusiasts.


Dear Samantha,

You are looking at a few possible fixes in order to get these bright lights fixed so you can clearly see your way home on a dark night. First of all, I would check to see if it is possibly just the bulb or a fuse. If your problem still exists, you will need to venture into the high beam relay switch on your steering column, or if you are driving around in an ancient car, you will have to check into the switch on the floorboard, you know the one down on the floor by your left foot. Hopefully not your left “lead” foot!

I hope this fixes your problem.

Thanks for writing in!

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Dear Barbara,

I have always checked and replenished my car fluids, replaced my air filter and even performed some major repairs on my Audi A6. I have however never tackled the task of replacing my headlight bulbs. Is this as easy as I have understood it to be?


Dear Jim,

Most people do not realize that headlight bulbs can dim over time, up to 20 percent in just two years, which can drastically affect a driver’s nighttime field of vision.

Replacing bulbs is an easy “do it yourself” project and saves the time and cost of having a mechanic do the work. I will however say that it isn’t just about performing the switch-out it is about using a high quality product that will keep you and your family members safe.

Higher performance lighting provides whiter and brighter lights which allows drivers to see obstacles and hazards sooner, hence giving them more time to react.

A car going 65 MPH is traveling 95 feet per second. A bulb like Sylvania SilverStar Ultra can provide up to 40% greater down road illumination, which, depending on the vehicle, may translate into an additional 100 feet or more of visibility and an additional second of reaction time, which may make the difference between safely avoiding a hazard or an accident.

SilverStar Ultra bulbs by Sylvania are the whitest and brightest street legal product offered by the company and you can get them at any major auto parts store. Step by step installation instructions are even included on the packaging.

Also remember to always change headlight bulbs in pairs. Bulbs dim over time and changing one at a time can cause an uneven field of illumination that can be distracting to both the driver as well as oncoming traffic.

Thanks for writing in and I hope that I have calmed your nerves regarding switching out your head light bulbs,

Safe driving,

Cracked Honda Accord tail light PDF Print E-mail
Dear Barbara,
I need to fix my Tail Light of Honda Accord 2008. Somebody broke at the
edge side. It has some crakes, and holes size of about 2 centimeter.
I need to fix / cover hole and crakes, with clear material.
Please let me know name and brand of product will be best to use, and how
to use.
Please email with your guidance.
Thank you for your help.

Dear Prakash,
Your local parts store carries repair tape in different colors. This tape is
a temporary fix in order to keep out moisture until you find a replacement light
fixture. This light will have to be replaced by the next time your state
inspection comes due. You can also try a few salvage yards in your area or an online store in order to find one at a decent price.
Thanks for writing in,

Chevrolet Trailblazer ext headlight replacement PDF Print E-mail
Dear Barbara,
How do you replace the head light on passenger side?  Do you have to take part of the grill off?      
Thanks and Happy 2009 
2003 trailblazer ext.
Dear Trailblazer owner,
If you are changing the whole headlight then yes the grill must be removed. If you are just changing the bulb itself then the bulb installs on the back side without having to remove the headlamp assembly. 
There is a black rubber plug that covers the bulb, then the bulb plugs in and twists a quarter turn to remove and reinstall. Remember to reinstall the rubber plug for a moisture proof light.
It is a little tight of a working space so smaller hands are a plus with this fix.
Thanks for writing in,
Ford Crown Victoria moisture in headlight lens PDF Print E-mail
Dear Barbara,
I have a 1998 Ford Crown Vic. The driver side headlight lens has quite a bit of water/moisture in it all the time. Short of replacing the lens, is there an easy fix for this? 
Thanks, Frank
Dear Frank,
The only way to help get the water out is to drill a small hole in each end of the lamp on the lower side where the water sits as this will help let the water escape when it gets inside it. Completely replacing your lens is the only other solution.
Thanks for writing in and happy April.
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