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Dear Barbara,

Just ran into your web page accidentally when surfing...2007 Saturn Aura -
I have a plug for a cell phone charger,etc located where a cigarette
lighter would have been on the older cars. It doesn't work. It used to. I
cannot find anything in the manual where I may need to put a new fuse? I
have another plug inside the box between the front seats which I am using
for my GPS, but would rather use the front one located under the dash. Any
idea how I can this outlet working?

Thanks you,
Marie Florek

Dear Marie,
Try checking the fuse box in the trunk first,  its #20 label CIG/AUX with a
20A fuse.

Also under the hood fuse box label RBEC 1, this is a 60A fuse, most likely
not your problem here as there would be many other things not working along
with it.

If neither fuse is bad then it is probably the AUX outlet that is bad. This would be a
dealer item and they are the only ones that will carry this part so you could try to
replace it yourself or have them do it for you.

The fuse in the trunk can blow very easily from a bad phone charger or
something like a coin getting lodged in it as a penny fits perfectly in it and
can blow the fuse from a short circuit.
Thanks for writing in,
Check the fuse box for blown fuses PDF Print E-mail
Dear Barbara
My car died and had it jumped I think the gentleman my have put the cables on wrong and then corrected it because at first everything went off then he switched it the car started but my radio, sunroof, window don’t work.
What do I need to do?
Dawn Tausaga
Dear Dawn,
It sounds like to me you may have some blown fuses. If this is all that went wrong when the cables where hooked back up wrong then you are very lucky. Check with your local mechanic to see which possible fuses are blown.
Thanks for writing in,
Nissan 300ZX relays and fuses PDF Print E-mail
Dear Barbara,

1986 300ZX Problem:  Blower, front wiper, and cig lighter have no
power.  Fuzes all good.  Relay(s) good.  Checked 3 ground points in
engine compartment; (one on firewall behind battery positive post, one
on right fender behind a/c filter/dryer, and one on left fender behind
vertical section of intake air induction).  Nothing helps.  Does this
sound familiar to anything you've come across, and would you be able to
provide assistance? 
Thanks, Tony
Dear Tony,
I love my old 300ZX cars and I have experienced this exact issue on several of my 300’s.
Okay…there are 5 relays on the inner kick panel of the drivers side above the fuse panel, the one on the right is the ACC relay, try replacing this relay as this controls the power output of various accessories like you are trying to use. 
If however this does not correct your issue I would try a shop that is good with electronics on these old awesome 300ZX’s and they will be able to help you pinpoint the exact issue.
Thanks for writing in,