Toyota Camry’s Nonresponsive Window PDF Print E-mail

Dear Barbara,

When I try to roll down the passenger window on my Toyota Camry, it whines and has now completely stopped working. Is this a quick fix?



Dear James,

In the old days, you did not have to worry about this problem occurring; you just simply had the only option available and that was to roll the window down manually.

Power windows these days are controlled by three main parts and more than likely, your problem has to do with one or more of these three: the window motor, the window regulator, and the control switch.

When you move the switch one way or the other, an electrical current is sent to the window motor that will force the window to go up or down, depending on the direction of the switch; and by the sounds of it, your window is nonresponsive!

I would suggest that you take your Camry and its power window problem to the pros to fix or you may blow a fuse of frustration yourself after taking the door apart and possibly getting confused with the fix itself or trying to put all of the intricate parts back together exactly as they were before you started tinkering with it.

Thanks for writing in and good luck!