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Dear Barbara,

Some time back, you were kind enough to help me with an oil change question and now I have another one I hope you can help with. 2001 Ford F150 4.2 V6 59,000 miles. The weather here in Texas has been quite cold the last couple of days, so I let my truck warm up for a few minutes in the mornings. This AM I came onto my office (9 miles) and out of the blue, the check-engine-soon light came on. Took it to my local shop; and they advised that this is a well known problem. It seems that the cold weather causes the intake manifold gasket to shrink; hence the “check engine light. It also seems that there is a kit just for this problem, total parts and labor around $450.00. They tried to reset the light but it just came back on again. I trust your judgment; so does this make sense? And if so, have you heard of this problem before?



Dear Don,

Okay, Ford did have issues with their 4.0 liter V6 pertaining to the upper intake/plenum. This particular problem on the 4.2 liter V6 problem is not so common. Unfortunately, you will have to get this addressed to correct the problem and keep that annoying check engine light off. I suppose your truck is running real rough too, probably like a train on a track that is being shook up by an earthquake! The repair should cost more like $275.00 to $325.00; so shop around and get a better price.

Thanks for writing in,